Periradicular Therapy (PRT)


Periradicular Therapy (PRT) is a form of therapy that can be used in case of chronic back pains which are caused by changes in the intervertebral discs (e.g. herniated disk). The treating physician inserts a thin needle into the area of the nerve root and/or into the small vertebral joint. When the needle is correctly positioned, which is checked by computed tomography, a mixture of a local anaesthetic, a cortisone preparation and an x-ray contrast agent are administered. The medication is only active in the nerve root. An effect on the whole body is almost excluded. The intervention is carried out under local anaesthesia.


We carry out this procedure with the help of multislice computed tomography (multislice CT). Therefore, we are able to precisely check the position of the tip of a needle and we can treat the area causing pain very precisely. It is also possible to distinguish other structures such as blood vessels, bones and muscle tissue, in order not to damage them.


After four to six sessions, the patient will suffer from much less pain or will be completely pain-free.