Mamma Diagnostics


The Radiologische Allianz offers the whole range of breast diagnostics along with the newest equipment. In addition to digital mammograms, we also use the following diagnostic procedures:



In 3D tomosynthesis, three-dimensional images of the breast are created. This means that we can recognise tumours which are hidden by overlapping tissue – something which was not possible until now. The presentation of the breast tissue without anything superimposed on it makes a more precise diagnosis possible, and reduces the number of so-called false positive results.



Sonography is an additional procedure which can be used to characterise results which cannot be evaluated reliably using a mammogram alone, and to confirm results found by touch. For women aged 40 or younger, the imaging procedure is the first choice. Women over 40 should also have a mammogram if they have high mammary gland density.


Biopsy as outpatient procedure (vacuum-assisted and punch biopsies)


Inconclusive results can be clarified by taking tissue samples under local anaesthetic. The removal of the tissue is monitored using an imaging procedure.


MR Mammography

During MRI of the breast, images are created using contrast agent. This is the most sensitive procedure available for diagnosing breast cancer. It can be used as an additional method in the case of inconclusive results, and to answer specific questions as part of post-operative aftercare.

This Method offers further Sub-Methods